Group rules!

Katy • 24 • Queer • Feminist • Married • TTC with my wife
This is for those who need information on all those things high school sex ed left out! 
​It would be awesome for others to post topics on common questions and their answers (like I intend to do), but it's absolutely fine to post your questions here too! 
​There are NO stupid questions. If you seem to think someone's question isn't worthy of an honest, ~respectful~ answer, leave. 
​If you spread misinformation, don't take it as a personal offense if you're corrected. Remember, this isn't high school sex ed; we're not here to lie to anyone, or to give them a wrong answer. 
​This isn't the place for debates. People may ask questions about or give information on abortion, same-gender sex, teen sex and teen pregnancy. If you don't like it, no one is forcing you to remain here.
​Be polite, honest, respectful, and as informative as possible and all are welcome here!