Breech vaginal delivery causing future complications

Hi here's my brief story. My first pregnancy was back in 2010 I was a teen mother (17) new to the whole pregnancy thing. My last period was Jan-28-2010 I didn't find out I was pregnant until 8wks & 3days, I went and got pregnancy test done at my doctors office because I knew something different was going on I didn't check my cervix or anything (didn't know how back then) pregnancy test were all negative doctors were offering bc condoms and plan b pills but deep down I just felt the urge to say no thanks. So after I found out I was pregnant I made a maternity appointment started my prenatal vitamins (which made me very sick) I started having really bad morning sickness that caused me to lose 20+lbs in my first trimester so my doctor told me to lay off the vitamins so around 14 wks I experienced some light cramping and felt wet down below so I went to the bathroom and there noticed blood resembling a light to medium period. I call my mid wife they ordered me to come in they check me and the baby & said everything was fine and to rest around for a couple of days. So everything went well I was now able to finally eat (second trimester) so around 19-20 wks I started experiencing some strong contractions way stronger than Braxton hicks so I went into the ER they monitored me and came to the conclusion I was going into preterm labor so they gave me a steroid (injection was in my upper left & right thighs& I can't remember the name) it was to help my baby lungs progress faster just in case she came that early, so I stayed in the hospital for about a week under supervision and was released at 4 months (I was dilated already 31/2 cm, scary for me) so I got placed on bedrest from school until I delivered (bedrest started before school :( so I'm going to my routine check ups steady dilating before due date. Around 32 wks I ended up going into labor dilated at 8 1/2 cm 100% thinned out. My water bag popped 6am October 20th 2010 arrived at my doctor office around 8-9 am there the checked me and discovered that I was fully dilated with a FOOTLING BREECH BABY foot hanging out the birthing canal so they rushed me into the birthing room where the explained my birthing options and gave me an epidural then took me to the OR where they preformed a vaginal breech delivery! 😱😱 I was totally shocked because my midwife never told me she had totally flipped around or even was placed in the wrong position so Scared isn't the proper word to explain my feelings at that moment. After the birth I went into a regular birthing room. I had no tears or ruptured tissue so I was grateful of that. But now it's very hard for a baby to stick or make it past 7wks I was later told after having a miscarriage that I have an incompetence cervix. IS THERE ANYONE THAT CAN RELATE TO ME AND MY STORY? Can a vaginal footling breech delivery cause future pregnancy complications or be the start of my incompetence cervix ?