Ranting with a question.. Help?

Ohhhh gosh where do I even begin..
My mom whom I do not connect with 100% I moved her in me and the fiancées new home we bought she has her own space down stairs her own room tv we installed pay for and service we got her wifi and a phone so she can stop asking for mine..
I'm 33 weeks I'm high risk and told bed rest! I'm actually yelled at by the dr bed! Rest!! So I listen..
Here's my problem we moved my mom in because she is on a waiting list for senior housing it pays for everything in one payment and she was with an abusive man.
Great I'm a great kid right? 
I've gotten u out we moved u we pay for your phone and wifi and TV services and oh yeah we got you a car and insurance now she takes over the Insurance..
She now has freedom.. The whole other point was her to help us out aka cleaning make food and help with my eldest who's 6 and kinda independent..
Here's what we have a trashed living room kitchen and dinning room nothing taken care of dishes piled she's always gone.
Depressed and mad 24/7 I do not go down there a lot so I make zero mess my 6 year old has a couple toys and a jacket..
The rest is trash dishes and junk..
She has our basement a dam mess has destroyed brand new pots I never got to freaking even use yet because it was a Christmas present..
My fiancé spent $193.75 on groceries to last us two weeks ...most of everything in 5 days gone!
She goes threw a 24 pack a day we just bough her one Monday it was gone yesterday..
She tells me she's not appreciated and told me she feels she is back at her exs who use to criticize her cooking the way she barely cleaned and did laundry we say nothing bad we even thank her for food laundry and such..
I got very mad I threw my hands up and said then move the fuck back there cause your doing nothing here and I'm having to do it!!
This week on Tuesday I cleaned our living room half bath and kitchen I got light headed and sick I threw up and passed out I was sent to the hospital my mother didn't do a thing and now my house is a dam mess again.. She invites people over without our permission..
And I ask who the fuck pays the bills or owns this house again??
I get no respect I do and do all I can I've tried to be nice she is even causing tension between me and my fiancé he's not happy and has been yelling he apologizes and says it's not me its my mom he doesn't mean to be mad and then cries..
I kick her out she has no where to go my little sister and her gf fight 24/7 and have a one bedroom very tiny place and on section 8...
She has no friends or family to just go to me and my sister are it I feel for being nice... I'm being fucked over.
We've talked to her we've given rules and were ignored feelings uncared for or mattered much.
He's becoming distant from me and her he just yesterday had surgery and isn't able to work.
He cannot lift more then 10pounds or do much for a week .. I'm not allowed to do crap it's all on my mom I try to help she yells at me not too but doesn't do shit! I wanna scream and not be here anymore in our own home! What am I gonna do! 
I'm sorry this is long but I'm at my wits end I'm scared my marriage will end before it even begins for me :(