Late ovulation??

Stephanie β€’ Mother to a sweet baby girl born 14 October 2015 πŸ’—πŸ‘‘πŸ’—
Need some advice please!! Last cycle I ovulated on cycle day 14...used ClearBlue digital advanced OPK. I also had intense ovulation cramps the day before and after ovulation last cycle. According to glow I ovulated on 10/6, cycle day 15. I am using a different brand of cheaper OPK's this month and results aren't as clear. I had no cramping or temp dips or spiked around 10/6, but had what appeared to be a positive OPK (middle pic below):
So today , 10/11, is cycle day 20 and my temp spiked +0.84 this Β , I'm having intense lower left pelvic cramping, and I got what appears to be another positive OPK this am.Β 
AF is due 10/19 and my cycles are generally 27 days long. TIA. :)