Day was going great until...

Erykah • I love myself some pecans 😂😂

Ok so my boyfriend came home from work about 5-10 minutes ago. I was bubbly and happy. He was tired but nuetrally happy and held a conversation. This is how the next thing went

Him: did you put the shower curtains up?

Me: nah I was waiting for your sister to do it. I don't even know where the Damn things are (I'm still laughing and giggling). I'm about to use your mom's shower.

Him: I'm about to use my mom's shower.

(i start laughing and explaining what just happened like this...)

Me: hahahaha! Wait you just said you were gunna take a shower...then I said I'm going to use your mom's shower and you---

Him: (he was sooo serious) SHUT UP! YOU BEEN HERE ALL DAY BRUH! Damn, annoyed the shit out of me already...

Me: (im still smiling thinking he was playing along....until I saw his face).....ok.

So yeah...:( now my day is ruined when all I wanted was to have a happy night with I wrong for what I did when I was joking? He worked all day and I was waiting for him to get home to ask if his mom would mind if I used his shower...:( I was going to let him go first anyway. I mean he worked in the cold and sweated all day....I wanted him to relax. I don't even want be in the same home as him anymore. I don't understand...:'( I'm 32 weeks pregnant btw.