Need to lose 10 lbs quick!

I'm 22 years old, standing 5'6 tall. The heaviest I've weighed was 162 (Jan '14). I am now 146-149 lbs, my weight fluctuates. I want to be 125-130 lbs. I set short term goals so I don't get discourage. I've lost about 14 lbs so far but that was when I was sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan. But since then I haven't lost anymore weight because I got lazy. I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. If not I do dance cardio for 30-60 minutes at home. When I go to the gym I dread doing cardio but, I know jogging gives me the best results, fast. I love lifting. I'm trying to go on this protein diet. Where I eat mostly protein (80%+) and vegetables. Does anybody have any diet or exercise suggestions? Cleanse suggestions? Please share your advice and wisdom!