Possible pregnancy?

I had multiple unprotected sex the weekend before. (October 3-4). My boyfriend is sure he's not able to reproduce (though he hasn't seen a doctor about it yet) but I am a little worried. Since then, my boobs have been sore and sensitive. I'm all ways sleepy and I've lost my appetite for a few things but crave other things. I have a few other symptoms but like these, they are similar to menstrual symptoms. I'm supposed to start my period some time this week but normally it's never the day it's supposed to. I've read up on a few things and it's possible to start feeling these things within the first week of conception. I'm a little spooked that I could be pregnant but then again I'm not worried about it. Part of me will be relieved if I get my period and another part will cry. And vise versa. Any advice??