Sorry about the long rant.

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So my boyfriend came to visit me here in Hawaii for about three months. It was originally going to be him stay out here for good and then when I get out of the military we both fly to Colorado but we didn't think it all the way through financially. So I had to send him back to Florida. That was last Tuesday. Since then my depression has hardcore kicked in the past couple days, like I haven't even left my room. Writing this makes me want to cry. Now, mind you I am not good at LDR at all and this as been the most successful relationship I've been in ever, going on 7 months. I'm the happiest I've ever been with him and he treats me like a goddess. He's amazing and I love him so much, we see each other in our futures. But because I'm normally bad at at LDR there's a mean voice in my head that keeps telling me to break up but I don't want to, nor will I ever. But I can't make it stop and it's so loud sometimes. 
​Before anyone asks, I'm not schizophrenic. 
​I don't know, anyway, thanks for reading my long rant.