I dont kno

I love my dude maybe too much. I found proof he cheating/cheated, confronted him, fought him (I feel bad) n he denies it so much, it blows my mind. I sat n told him how this is the soul breakin relationship ive ever had. He held me while I cried for 20+ min, he asked if we can pray, he prayed, it sounded like a confession. I said I just wanna b wit someone who wants me. Had the most exhausting day, he cried, we laid down, got up went to eat, seen a movie. Dropped him home n sent him a break up message. Said I had crazy ways, yada yada, then text back we needs me. We cant stay away from each other no matter how hard we try. I broke up wit him one time b4 he called 37 times n an hour, tons of messages. He says he wants us to work, wanna move n together n said he wants to make a baby for real. Its like we're stuck on each other. I kno he loves me. I give him plenty of ways out of this relationship, I dont want him to go but y isnt he takin them? Like we really cant b separated. Is it dangerous to b that way wit someone, how is it that neither of us can let go more that 5 hours. We r drained. Im a fire sign n he's a water sign, I read that one of us is goin to put the other out. It can break us if we dont find a balance n I think he's puttin me out.this is my last love I have to give. I swear I dont have any more for anyone else. This relationship is so draining....im sad, sensitive n depressed.