Would this bother you as well ?

Or am I over reacting ? So today my husband went into game stop and traded in 3 games, he said he was only going to get a game for himself they offered him cash or store credit I told him he should of gotten the cash instead but he said they don't give you much cash. Anyways, he picked out 2 games and said one was for his lil brother , the game was new btw so if you didn't know most games go from $40 to $60 (brand new) okay so, My daughter liked this pikachu stuffed animal which was $12.99 what bothered me was instead of buying his kid what she wanted he would rather buy his brother an expensive game ? -.- like really I mean I understand my kid will not always get what she wants but it bothers me that he chose his brother over his daughter. His dad makes 5g's a month and his mom makes at least $500 per week like why can't they buy their own kids a game ? Instead of relying on my husband to do so ? My husband and I barely get by with what we get. 

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