So I found out today that I'm not pregnant :(

In December I got the stomach flu and threw up a birth control pill, which caused me to begin spotting. Well i finished the rest of that months worth of birth control and when I got to my period pills, I did not get a period but i figured it was from throwing up the pill. I started having pregnancy symptoms, no morning sickness so I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. So I stopped taking my birth control and thinking I was pregnant me and my husband were having unprotected sex. Well I finally get to the doctor and they take a urine sample and it came back negative, TWICE!! They took blood and I will have my official results Monday. I've always had a regular cycle, if I'm not pregnant, where is my period??? It has been 58 days since I spotted last from throwing up a pill and I stopped taking my birth control which causes me to start bleeding. What is going on???