My ?(broken heart) ttc rant

So today I broke down and ranted to my 2 friends that are pregnant via fb messenger. Didn't mean to, but it happened. Turns out you never know how easy/hard ttc is for others unless you ask them for advice on how to get that unicorn...aka bfp
​Found out that one of my friends just happened to get pregnant on accident, and she felt bad for saying that knowing that I have mc'd twice. But in reality she was trying not to get pregnant. She wasn't ready and wanted to wait at least anither year. 
​Our other friend only got pregnant after 2 yrs of trying and her husband having surgery on his boys to get them working normally. Her and I started trying at the same time. She understands the frustration of getting poked and prodded to test for infertitly. 
​Today, I had to break the news to my hubby that I started spotting and the witch is on her way, trust me with a temp drop and spotting I'm out this cycle. The sound of disappointment still echos as I sit here. 
​His response was "we need to talk with the doc, its been 3 cycles (not including this one) ttc with no luck and its been 7 cycles (again not including this one as AF hasn't completely come yet) since we lost the 2nd pregnancy." Granted I have been hopeful that maybe just maybe we could get lucky without fertility meds. We have only discussed IUI or fertity med use a little bit since May, but now it's in the front seat. So now we want to try letrozole and hcg trigger again as we got pregnant once although God called the baby back. Or our next step is IUI. Regardless the earliest my obgyn who specializes in infertitly can't see us until next Tuesday. Hoping that the witch holds out until Thursday or Friday so that we could do one of the options.  
​I'm getting tired of trying and disappointing my husband month after month. With PCOS and a lesion on my putuitary gland it makes ttc harder as my hormones are really wacky. This month we used 2 types of opks and it indicated the surges and my bbt showed that I am ovulating. Other than medical intervention, I don't know what to do anymore. Hoping something works so we can have our rainbow baby.