Looking for more significant validation!

Jolene • I'm a 35yo pregnant with my second baby in 11yrs!! Needless to say, I'm starting over! Lol My daughter, exboyfriend, his boys, and I are very excited! I pray for a healthy son!

So, this morning I took another pregnancy test, knowing already I'm 5w 2d pregnant..... Why?? Because I just wanted to see those 2 beautiful lines to validate I'm pregnant! Yes, I had HCG blood work done and other positive pregnancy test, but I am so anxiously waiting to see or feel change to validate our Lil peanut! I've been tired, had some heartburn, some nausea, a decreased appetite, and sore boobs, but it seems everyone else is experiencing more! Lol This is my 2nd lil peanut in 11yrs, so I've forgotten how the beginning of pregnancy goes pretty much. I guess I'm looking or wanting more signs that I'm really pregnant. Being 35yo, I'm not working with the freshest of eggs, so I guess I'm paranoid! Lol Sigh. Just wondering if I'm the only one who feels like this!

Sept. 2016 baby :)