I'm so emotional today!

Cristina • 2 years of trying to conceive. 2 Angel babies. Welcomed baby boy 06/01/15.
I feel like a bag of emotions today. I'm just so upset. My doctor had me do an HCG test yesterday, I called for the results today and they told me to call back between 445 and 5 because they had them but needed to put them in my chart first, I called back at 440 and 445, no answer so called again at 449 and the answering service came on saying they are closed. I'm frustrated & worried and really just wanted that peace of mind that everything is okay. Idk if I'm crying cuz I'm hormonal or what! My partner keeps telling me it's ok we will call first thing in the morning but I can't stop crying. I've waited all day to find out my results!! ?