Ok I think I like older guys😩😍🚫

So.... I ran in my exes' 21 year old brother at the store and him and his mother still considers me as part of their family ( they didn't like any other of my ex, exes😂) but he was like hey we missed you and I said likewise we talked and I helped him with his bags to his house and my ex was outside the house and totally ignored me (rude) but I went in the house with "Jay" we're going to call him for the story and I got really nervous like that good nervous you get around someone you like I guess he could tell I was nervous and he asked what was wrong I said that his brother was an asshole for ignoring me and he knew that wasn't it he known me for three years during the day I was always over there so he knows when I'm lying even though his brother is an ass but he knew that I got randomly awkward we I like someone and he asked if I liked him I said "yea of course your my brother why wouldn't I"  he started laughing and said I was a horrible liar.... I am especially when I like someone but he explained that he loved me in a older brother sort of way and that will never change but he thinks I like older guys as in 4-6 years older he also pinky swore not to tell his brother or mom hugged me and told me to get out his house (just teasing) I said "ok I'm going love ya bro" he said "love ya sissy" and I went outside 'B' (not my ex name but will do for the story) pulled me into the garage and asked what was I trying to pull.... I said "nothing now get off my arm" he still hates me for telling him I don't want to go out with him again this is another story but my question is.... How can I date if I like older guys? Is something wrong with me for liking older guys?