Anxiety over pap

I used to get a Pap smear every year because I was on the pill and to get a refill you had to get an annual exam. Since I've been off the pill, I haven't had a pap for 3 years and doctors/hospitals really freak me out to begin with. Well lately I've had weird symptoms so I made an appointment and had my exam Friday. I have to wait until tomorrow at least for results. I'm freaking out a bit, but really trying not to. I just keep thinking what if I get a call with results that I'm dying or have a disease and it's really taking over my thoughts. I told the dr my symptoms and I was tested for bacterial infections and also a uti. I've had many utis in the past and it felt a bit like this. I also had persistent bloating for a couple months and I realized I had gained 10 pounds over this past year or so. So I started really watching what I eat (I eat healthy to begin with, but I def eat like crap with my boyfriend or when I'm too exhausted to cook). I also started working out regularly again, yoga a few times a week, and I've lost 4 pounds and my bloating just started going down amazingly. Still I'm worried. My dr didn't seem all that concerned. I told her I was worried about cysts, but during the pelvic exam she said she felt no cysts at all! I was really surprised about that. The waiting is just killing me. Am I freaking out for nothing? I keep telling myself even if I get some bad news, it will be okay, but I still don't want to deal with some horrible disease right now, or ever. I've had a very rough year, lost a lot, my life has changed drastically, I can't handle much more. I want good news for once. Why am I so terrified of disease. Is anyone else like this? I guess I'm looking for support from my fellow ladies and some positive energy, or even your experiences with similar situations. Thanks for reading.