Ok, so this is my first pregnancy and I'm terrified of miscarriage. Like every other first time mom, I'm sure. And I'm out of the "danger zone" now but things can still happen! Also, birth defects, complications, etc. I'm finally getting better at letting go and just breathing, but any time I talk to someone who has kids about my fears, they say, "well, if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be" or "you can't control it anyway, so don't worry about it."

like, I understand that, but how about you encourage me and tell me that I'm probably fine, my risk is low, or even that there could be a problem and it would be devastating! Just be honest and don't brush it off like I'm stupid for being scared and if I lose the baby its no big deal!! Let me know that my fears are legitimate and I'm not scared about something stupid. Anyone else feel like this?