Am I rushing him?

Amber • Free falling
I am 18, fresh into college. My boyfriend 21 has two years left of college. We have been together since December 2012 and no sex for us. We see each other every day and we share money, ect. I want to live together but he doesn't want to at all until we are married. I have had lots of living issues like mom has left me. He won't even spend the night with me overnight because his parents (siblings are 9 and 14) don't think it's right for his siblings to see it. He still lives at home. Since we see each other every day already I have brought up plenty of times that we should get married. He wanted to wait until he was done with college but I do not want to wait at all. He has finally said we can get married spring 2015. Am I rushing him into it? We don't hangout with anyone but each other. Occasionally our friends but we don't have a problem with it. He does always seem happy about the marriage part but I can't tell sometimes. I need opinions..