Felt like ovary pain in my side's...down there

Gabrielle • Married SAHM of a 3 year old DD. Rainbow is due in November 💖
6dpo left side in uterus/ovary pain and 7dpo right side uterus/ovary pain. ...Then 9dpi mild cramps in the morning then nothing became of it. My period usually comes 14dpo but it never came it's now 15 dpo. Why would my uterus/ovaries feel a sharp pain for like 5 seconds then disappear ...had no more pain all day. Anyone know what it could of been?...My guess is implantation bc on 12dpo I had pink mucus the size of a dime on my TP; one time wipe. Day of period 14dpo I had light brown CM; one time wipe. Anyone have any ideas??? Has anyone had this and not been pregnant???