Friend advice!!!

So I am not that far along bit have decided to tell close friends and family that I am pregnant.  I am 27 and this is my second, I'll be 28 when the baby is born.  Everyone was over the moon happy when I had my first.  My family is super excited but my friends seem to care less.  I am affraid to even tell anyone else that I am pregnant, these girls have been friends with me my whole life and I know I can't expect everyone to be excited but I guess I didn't expect complete disapproval either.  I am sure they didn't mean it and have things that are going on in their lives that are making them feel this way.  None of them have kids themselves.  It's just super discouraging for me because I am so excited I want to shout it from the roof top and I feel like I can't even talk about it with any of them now:-(. These crazy hormones aren't helping either I am sure I feel more sensitive about it than I should.