Clear blue digital ovulation question

Latasha • Had ectopic pregnancy of march 2010, had 3 miscarriages December 2012-march 2013 with drs help. Now pg w/rainbow baby!
So I had an HSG done on September 22 & my dr told me that u are more fertile for 3 months following it. Well he told me to have sex every other day till I'm supposed to expect my period right. Well I used the clear blue digital ovulation test & I've been getting only flashing smiley's (high fertility) for the past 12 days or so. The last month I used it I got a peak fertile day (solid smiley) but when I went for my day 21 blood draw to check to see if i ovulated they said I had but I'm confused to still be getting the high fertility & never got a peak. I am due for my period on October 21 according to Glow & the 23 with ovia. My cycle has been between 31-36 days long & I am on day 28 right now. What do u guys think??