Gabrielle • Married SAHM of a 3 year old DD. Rainbow is due in November 💖
Considering a common trend on Glow ladies aunt flow it seems to be late up to 4 days, then she comes-a-knockin'. DH and I have been trying for baby #2 for a year, with all disappointments up to this very moment of be being 3 days late by today (Friday 10/17). I have decided to wait this out and not test until Monday... Wednesday by the latest because it will be a week late. If AF holds off, then I know I'm in the clear. I just really don't want an early test BFN, wasted money. I've been 3 days late before but I start spotting red days after I miss my date. This time is different though bc of 12dpo & 13dpo pink CM, pink...had me panicked I'd start AF early (really due 10/15) but AF has not come. The pink CM stopped after a second it happened. It's just hard to get my hopes up this is even real...or AF is just waiting to ruin it all. I'm excited and worried all at the same time. Patience...in this kind of case sucks, I just wanna know already!