Family Dinner part deux

Beth • ~~~♡♡Let`s Roll♡♡~~~

So last week I talked about a family dinner I had with the in laws and how everything just came out all at once. My mother in law is having an affair and my sister in law Rhonda found out her husband is seeing someone behind her back. Carol the other sister in law(I used to go by the initial but I'm gonna use their names) blurted out in such a fashion that she is pregnant. It was awful yet funny all at the same time. Anyways Rhonda has been staying with us and my hubby's father also is staying with us. We have a 3 bedroom townhouse and Gawd it has been such a mad hectic week.

With 4 adults 2 cats and a 4 month old there really is no peace and quite. My husband finally cracked and said to his dad in a kindish way that he needs to talk to his wife, they've been arrived for 35 years. He said that they need to talk about why she is cheating. With Rhonda I talked with her and said she can stay a bit longer but that she does need to figure out what to do. Rhonda said she would stay with us and pay rent. My husband said and I quote "Absof**kinglutly not!" He said Rhonda I love you but living with my wife and I is NOT an option. Not when you initially treated my wife like crap. He went on to say My wife is the Queen in this house and she's not sharing with a princess. He said leave Leo here and go talk with your husband. My husband has been having a hard time with his family basically falling apart before him. He hates the drama Rama of it all and said to me that when we go away in June for a few months we might not come back. With my husbands other sister Carol she came to the house last night and obviously we curious about who the father of her baby is. Her answer: I don't know, cold be 4 different people. My husband lost it and asked her how she could be so loose and irresponsible. Carol said that she was having problems with her boyfriend (I talked about him before my husband beat him up and went to jail) and got drunk and had a few wild days and nights. When everyone finally left last night. My husband turned to me and said "It just occurred to me that my whole effing family are a bunch of sluts and whores" We both started laughing.