Anyone else had this happen!? (TMI)

Late last night I was going to sleep but suddenly felt like I was full of wind and was about to have dyhorria! I sat on the toilet but nothing came out only air and when I'm burping I can taste acid (so heartburn as well as trapped wind I guess) I've been blocked up for a few days so after many attempts to either get comfy in bed or run to the toilet just incase I puke everywhere! Not morning sickness! I bring up EVERYTHING I've eaten that evening!! And as I'm being sick I'm pooping! Because I'm being sick so violently it's actually pushing some out lol I felt like I was dying, so drained, headache and dizzy...could it have been a bug? Or are these just severe symptoms but normal?? I'm in the second trimester (15 weeks) with twins and was really hoping I'd be feeling more normal now :-( x