Why is this so hard?

Lindsay • I'm 29, married for 5 years (together for 8). My husband and I are first time parents, having welcomed our little girl Avery on 2/17/17 ❤️, she is is the most fun little girl and we adore her!
So my husband and I have been TTC since June 2015 and it still hasn't happened. I'm probably going to get checked out if it doesn't happen in the next couple months, but I have to admit we haven't had sex as much as we should, I haven't bought an ovulation kit (I've just relied on Glow to tell me when I'm likely ovulating) and I have tried a couple of homeopathic methods, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised it hasn't happened yet. I think part of me hasn't really tried that hard bc I'm afraid if I do and it doesn't happen then there's something wrong with me and I failed. That said, do I even have the right to be upset that my best friend just told me she's pregnant, or that 4 people I know just had babies? It's getting hard to see the all of the announcements, but when I haven't done all I can, does it make sense to get upset? I'm starting to question how much I want this...has anyone else felt this way?