Getting down

Hi ladies new to glow 
me and bf been ttc for a yr now and no luck. I been on pill since young age and am now 30 bf had 3 ex gfs who all got pregnant quickly with him (none of them had the babies tho) he's really desperate to have one with me as he knows I wouldn't abort but I've never been pregnant before. came off pill AF pretty much returned straight away to normal but always getting BFN.
​Anyone any ideas why it might be taking time with me and not with the exs??
​Do I need to see a dr?? Me and fb both healthy love to eat healthy low fat foods he smokes and we both drink 1-2 times a week usually a bottle of wine between us with dinner on a weekend but that's it...
​Ovulation was Wednesday did BD loads and loads since then now I'm looking for any little long does it take to conceive?? I don't know when to test and can't face another negative :( 
​ advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated feeling alone and can't really talk to him cos he seems to think I'm doing something to slow it down :(