Bfn could be wrong???? Listen to what happened to me

I decided to poas tonight but the whole thing went wrong. First off I had already used the bathroom but decided to squeeze as much urine out as possible to poas before getting in the shower. I took the test out the box (the cheapies from Walmart that are 88¢) and somehow knocked it off the sink with the comet cleaner smh. So some comet got in the test circle and and all over the test. I blew on the test and tried to clear as much as I could and completed the test. Got out the shower and of course bfn!!!! AF isn't due until Sunday, am I still in the game? Could the comet and the fact that I went to the bathroom before hand could've given me a false positive? I need answers please!

Also if you don't mind, comment whether you feel any of the things above could have affected my results please and thank you.

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