What should I do?

Erin • Ummm lets see my names Erin I am myself no matter who`s around i love music I love being with people Im a little shy but its whatever (:
So lets just start off with this ... I was sexually abused for 5 years from my moms boyfriend she's still with him I feel like she doesnt believe me ... shes called me an attention whore and asked why would I lie about this yea... ive been to counseling and everything but its still hard ... anyway I feel like she doesnt care about me I haven't really seen her in the 2 years ive lived with my dad and weve talked maybe at the most of 10 times thru these 2 years well my dad is talking to her about child support but "she never has any money" but she can go out and get her hair done and get stuff for her dog and her stupid ass boyfriend what do I do? do I just leave her and go on with my life or do I try to look past it and try to find a build a relationship with her? I have no idea on what to do :'( btw I stopped going to counseling bc she kept canceling and I just said fuck it im not going anymore ... so can any of you help?