Midwife or doctor?

Jee • 24. Married.💍💏 2 Little Princesses👸👸😍

How many of you mommies are going to go with a midwife or a regular doctor?

Im thinking this pregnancy I'm going to try a midwife and birthing center to see if that maybe helps my pregnancy move a little faster than my first! With my daughter I was dialating so SLOW it was so painful cause I couldn't get an epidural until 5 cm. Luckily I got it at 4 cause my nurse was the shit and begged the doc. 😆 but I've also heard the 2nd pregnancies are always better than the first... I kinda envied the girls who told me with their first pregnancy that it was less than 4 hours or so... I was in labor for damn near 26 hours.

Cheers to this journey!🙌🙏