Induced! Cervidil ..

Definitely wasn't expected to be induced last night! Went to my 38 week appointment and they sent me to the hospital across the street due to not having an 8 out of 8 on my ultrasound for baby girl (slow movements). Got to the hospital had another ultrasound and still It was not perfect. They decided to go ahead and induce! 
I had the cervidil put in at 8pm! They told me that I might need another one 8am 😡 which lasts about 12 hours before they start the pitocin (0 centimeters dilated when I got here). 
I am wide awake with some cramping and just waiting for 8am to get here stat so they can tell me if I dilated any!
Has anyone had a similar situation?! I was clueless going into this and thought I would be having baby girl quicker than this! Hoping I can go straight to the pitocin instead of another cervidil.