pregnant but no BFP?

my cycle is very short, 24-26 days. AF was due jan30th, it never came but feb4th I had pink when I wiped and it stayed like that, only when I wiped, but for 2 days and the day after that was the smallest bit of brownish until it completely faded. AF is usually pretty heavy for me at least a couple of the days. 
I've had so many pregnancy symptoms, dizzy, headaches, had a couple days of insomnia and then I became so exhausted I feel like I need to go into a coma for a week to catch up.. and I feel these weird twinges in my stomach everyday. 
I know cervix isn't the best indication but I've also noticed that when having sex my SO can go way deeper than normal without it hurting and I've had an overload of CM (even when I'm not having sex) but I checked my CP twice in the past week and my cervix is so high I can't hardly even reach it, i can kind of swipe against it for example when you have to jump to swipe something off of the top shelf and you're just barely brushing against it(LOL) have any of you ladies experienced delayed BFP or being pregnant and it not showing up on home tests for some reason? 
I had gotten about 5 vvvf BFP's but they came after the delayed time limit and the last one I took was a different brand and was negative so I'm assuming they were just really convincing Evaps. they have color and everything but I'm not understanding.