Trying to get pregnant @ 41

I recently turned 41. I finally met and married my Prince Charming three years ago. I have three daughters from two previous relationships. I've been told due to heavy periods to have a hysterectomy in the past. I've always declined in the hopes of meeting the one. Now that I have a cruel twist of fate is that he is older (12yrs) and had a vasectomy many moons ago. He was hesitant to my idea of wanting a child but when he realized how much it meant to me he had his own epiphany we moved forward with a vasectomy reversal. We both knew the chances were minuscule however after nearly a year of trying we have not conceived. He isn't producing enough sperm. I'm devastated even though I knew our chances were low. 
A. How do you deal with this unfortunate outcome? 
B. Has anyone tried a sperm bank? 
Please help I feel the depression setting in army desire for one child with this awesome man overwhelms me most days. Any advice would've appreciated.