Is this okay?...

So glow is only giving me 12 days from ovulation to cd1 of my period.. Is this okay? I believe it's going off of previous cycles since my MC. When I did get a positive for that it was at 10dpo so I plan to test on Friday to see if I can get anything at all to be sure. I am so afraid that because it's only 12 days that I can't get pregnant and I'm even more scared that if I do get pregnant it'll be a bad MC again and I hope if I do MC that my dr won't suggest waitin it out and will just say to a D&C because I was over night in the hospital for my last MC with two units of blood cuz I was bleeding out. And all I can remember was pain. Lots of pain and I was scared.
​So this is the pic of my current month if anyone has any input what so ever I'm happy to hear it :)