Assisted Dying

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I watched a programme recently about a gentlemen called Simon who was diagnosed with Motor Nuerone disease and choose to fly to Switzerland to be assisted to die. 
I would like to know people's opinions on this topic. I'm not pro-life, I'm a firm believer in respecting someone's choice and right to choosing if they want to live or die. Obviously assisted dying is a very sensitive topic so be nice ladies when sharing opinions. Assisted dying is controlled and only those who want to die have to show medical records and have to have a progressive disease that is terminal or won't get better I.e. Cancer, motor nuerone and dementia. In my opinion if someone wants to die and get out of the pain, suffering caused by their disease and they are of a sound mind and can make that choice for themselves. Do you believe that this should be legal in the UK? Or which ever country you come from? 

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