Have you ever had your tarot cards read what happened ?


I recently had my tarot cards read about 2 weeks ago I'd never done it before but thought as this lady had such good reviews and has always been spot on I thought heck why not.

Every time I done the cards the pregnancy card popped up I thought she was having me on so I thought right ill shuffle them right up the 5 times she laid them out there it was she said to not worry about not being able to conceive as it'll happen and she said she'd be very very shocked if it didn't she said.itll happen within the next 12 months and that me and my partner will be together till the end. She said also she can see pictures or smell things and she said with me she just constantly smells babies I couldn't believe what I was hearing as I want it so so much ... She had the crystal ball and she firstly saw me rubbing my hips perhaps to do with pregnancy and second time she said she can see me sitting there nervously waiting either for a test or a scan... don't you think it's mad or don't you believe she also said I'd also be getting married soon too which is nice to hear.. She said much much more but thought I'd just say the relevant...

After my bf mum. Went in she had no idea we were together as we waited in my car and I met her back there she told her that her eldest son (my bf) will be soon married and your going to have a grandson very soon from him.... I just can't believe things she was saying and it has made me feel a lot more relaxed about things here's to the next 12 months !!!