The sad fight.

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Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and a half. We've dated before, and I've known him since we were both in diapers. Anywho, i had the mirena put in May of 2013 and decided to have it taken out February of 2014 (weird mood swings due to the Mirena getting into my blood stream) my OB told me that I would be fertile right away and that my boyfriend and I can start trying right away. Well, here we are at almost at the end of October with still no BFP. And after over 8 months of trying and "not trying" to conceive, the whole situation is starting to become very disheartening. I become a complete depression case when mother nature decides to make her appearance. I had my son October of 2012 at 39 weeks stillborn. And the autopsy came back that there was nothing wrong with him and the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me. (My son's dad and my boyfriend are two totally different people). The whole situation with the baby making process is stressing my boyfriend out because he thinks he might be the problem. (Although he had a son 3 years ago) so we know he WAS fertile, and i WAS fertile when i got pregnant with my son. But all the possibilities are becoming too much. I recently started taking 2 different types of prenatal vitamins. One with folic acid, and another one is just like a tum.

I guess what I'm asking for is advice. I'll be 21 in December and according to all the doctors and medical apps out there, I'm at my peak fertility. Sooooo come on BFP!