Drama or not

I feel like I need to write this for some really odd reason. (Weird I know) but lately, I've been with my boyfriend, we moved in together at least a month ago, and ever since we started dating it's been amazing. (We've gone out for 11 months, it'll be a year in November) lately, I've been really stressed, I've been looking for a job in a small town, and haven't been able to find anything. And it's frustrating and every time my bf helps me, tries to cheer me up that I can get a job, it's eats away, and then I just blow up on him. It's been happening a lot more lately and since he's the only one with income coming in, I freak out and have thoughts about leaving just to work on myself, you know? Get a job and then move back in. I don't know of it's depression or if I'm just stressed. Any advice of what I should do?