Coworker crush.

I started a new job more than a year ago. I met a coworker with whom I ended having a crush.He didn't know about it. We started teasing each other. The problem is I didn't know he had a fiancé until later on I back off and try to get over my crush. But every time he will see me back off he would try to call my attention.  Usually we had to do projects together so I got to spend more time with him. I new it wasn't right  then one thing let to another until we ended kissing and stuff. We sneak out a couple of times after work even though he told me he was in love with he's girl I felt like never felt before he was amazing. Soon I was Having strong feelings for him.I felt terrible I knew it wouldn't go anywhere I try not to get involve sentimentally but it was hard. until his wedding day was near he said we needed to stop. I accepted but then he started ignoring me and treating me like an idiot at work. I felt used and  embarrassed I never knew it was going to hurt so much. Finally he got married on Friday. While he celebrated I was crying and I still think of him a lot whising things were different even thou I know they are not. He is on his honeymoon and I don't know how to act when he comes back. :(  please help.

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