So my SO has been really getting on my last nerve over what I post on my facebook... And today he decided on his own he would change my privacy settings... His ex which they have children together keeps trolling my profile then calling him with obnoxious comments. It's gotten to the point I want to leave and just do it on my own. We have a child together and another one on the way. The thing is they have been broken up for years. Yes, it is very important that parents work together to raise the kids even if they are not together. But common!!! why do I have to hide my happiness bc someone is stull bitter??? We have spoken to each other and I for the sake of the kids am always trying to be nice... And it's really to the point were I want to explode and get the heck out bc it's too much drama for me. Anyone with similar past or current issues? Open to any advice... I'm really frustrated. We talk and we end up arguing or me just shutting up bc of feed up with it. I have expressed all this to him. And today really really made me boil.