Wow! Shocked the government did this 🙄

Okay my husband and I had a tax warrant out on us since October of last year!  I called and set up a payment plan to pay it off in get this a month!!  That's right it was 1,116.00.  So we payed 1,000 so far our deadline was the end of Febuary!  So I was going to send them the rest this week when we get paid on Friday!  Anyway my husband called and said that the IRS was trying to collect the whole amount again.  So I called them and they said that the sheriff department of our town turned it over to them as uncollected debt. Now let me remind you guys that my husband and I have saved the receipt of the cashiers check!  So they can't pull this!  So I called our local sheriff department and they have no clue why it got turned back over to them. They swear up and down they sent them the money and they don't want us paying anything else but what we still owe.  Now my question is can the freaking government try to say we didn't pay it and make us pay the amount back over again?  We're ready to file a suit on the IRS.  
P.s Our local sheriff department does have proof of us paying $1,000.