Anyone with Implantation bleeding experience

Sheena • 31yrs old, wife, social worker, TTC #1 since May 2014
TTC #1 for 6 months, turns out I don't ovulate. Doc put me on 50mg Clomid last month and I got my first ever positive ovulation test on Oct 11th. Period due around the 27th. 
This past Sunday I noticed light pinkish spotting on toilet paper, yesterday it was still very light but more brownish. And this morning I wake up to it being much heavier and red'r ... Not period heavy but heavier then the days prior (I did not take a pic).
AF is not due for a week ... Maybe I'm getting it early ... Grrr!?
​I have no other symptoms (period symptoms or preggo symptoms - I feel great really!)
​Any insight or lived experience here? Thanks in advance!
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