Afraid of being told I can't conceive.


When I was 18 I got checked out by a gyno and got the depo shot just once. They never said anything was wrong with me. Then I had a horrible reaction to the depo. At 21 I was told I had a hormonal imbalance(I'm convinced it's from the depo), but they didn't really explain anything to me and didn't make a big deal about it. I've been trying on and off for almost 10 years to conceive with no luck. My marriage even failed because of it. I'm now in a serious relationship with a wonderful guy and he's wanting a child. We've been trying for a few months with no luck. I'm terrified to see a doctor because I feel in my heart they are going to say I can't have kids. I wouldn't be able to stay with him knowing I'd be forcing him to give up having children.

Does anyone else have a hormonal imbalance? Are there any "home remedies" to boost fertility I could try before going to see a doctor?