Very confused...????

I am a 21 yr old female with a 32 year old we have been together since April 2011. I have been to school, ex-military and have a good career under my belt. He has a stable job as well, although he didnt go to school. But he is the bread winner ! Any way I am really, really wanting a baby and the only thing is for him we aren't married yet. I am not much wanting/thinking getting married would be as much of importance as it is to him as it is to me to have a baby. We have everything we could possibly ever need to have one and he wants to at least wait another year or two. 
But I feel as though him not wanting this as much as I do as well as a lot of things in our relationship is kinda a turn off to me and I feel like I'm falling out of love with him. Sex is the biggest problem, we don't have enough and it's just very lazy sex. ?And it's ben like that since I moved in(2012) ?
I am just confused and really want someone's honest opinion. 
Thx guys ??