The "Miracle" of Life

I've heard a lot of things like "you should be grateful you're pregnant, no matter what!" "Children are so precious! How could you ever regret one?", people talking about how it's somehow amazing and miraculous to conceive. This whole concept just drives me nuts every time I see it! Sure, scientifically, odds of having a baby and the sheer possibility of it is pretty low. But, scientifically, there is a TON of shit in this world that is impossible, or shouldn't happen, or simply doesn't adhere to everyday logic. And everything that occurs during your day depends on countless variables coming together in the exact way they did. If having a baby is so miraculous, how can it be happening every day? Maybe even hundreds or thousands of times a day, or every hour. And how can there be, what, 7 billion people in the world now? A population that is steadily growing, with nothing to slow it down or set it back a bit. It just makes it really hard to see how EVERY baby can be important or special.  Why not let one slip away, to make room for a stronger or healthier one? Why be traumatized for your entire life just because you lost someone you didn't even know, who never even had anything to know about them? Totally open to criticism, and anyone who wants to convince me differently.