Implantation bleeding??

Im having some bleeding about 3days before I was due for AF. The night before lasr I just had some light pink on the toilet paper when wiping. The next moring I had dark red/brownish bleeding but to light for normal menstration. I thought it was AF so I put in a tampon in the Am. When I took it out in the evening it was not very saturated. It looked like only the outside layer and I was also dark red/brownish. So I put on a panty liner to go to bed and only had two quarter sized spots of the same color bleeding. Today I am also wearing just a paty liner and it is day two of this. Could this be implatation??? Or is ot to heavy fo implantation??? Iys definotly not bright red like a normal AF and im not having any symptoms of AF maybe just heavy spotting?? HELP!

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