Reply to end of the road

You deserve better & you are better. All that you do should be reciprocated, yet it seems this man has taken your kindness and love and made himself belief that he is King, deserving of all. This is not right. Continuing such a mentally abusive relationship is not right. This is not healthy. You won't be a wreck without him, time heals all. However staying with him will ruin you, he'll suck the life out of you & your self-esteem will become non-existant. He will control you knowing you will never leave, he will also not show you love, just treat you worse and worse, till you'll believe that you are the reason for the I'll treatment you recieve & you too will blame you. How do I know? I've seen it & I've lived it. Sweetheart these types are all the same. Trust me if you leave him you'll easily find another just like him. But what you need to do is leave him, get your life on track, boost up your selfesteem, set yourself goals & then once you know who you are & you become Miss Independent that's when you should look to include a Mr into your life.
​Not being pregnant is the best thing that could have happened, not with him. You already feel stuck. It would have been a lot harder for you to leave & extremely unfair on a child. 
​You weren't born with this man in your life!  He sounds like one who has done nothing with his life & thus enjoys using & controlling  the who has given his all to him.
​Please save yourself. Your still young. 
​If you need a friend I'm here. 
​People do care. But you need to care about yourself. If you don't care about you no one else will.