Fiancé acts like a child

The last few months my fiancé and I have been tryin to concieve. We have a three year old daughter and he has a seven year old daughter. He works nights so I'm already by myself doing everything with the kids while he sleeps. Then sense it's hunting season it is all he does. He is so exhausted from hunting he sleeps the entire time his daughter is over to visit leavig me to be the bad guy while she is over keeping her in line with her sister and all. Today he went hunting instead of coming home to sleep a little bit and attend his fighters dance class. On top of all his selfishness he has been trying to have another with me. All this selfishness is too much for me. Tried to get him to talk and he just took off and won't answer me at all. So here I am at five am writing to you with terrible anxiety. I will terrible to bring another life into the world with a father who won't put them first.