So scared :(

Clarissa ā€¢ Mommy to the most beautiful baby boy šŸ’™
So this morning hubby gets home from work and I'm in bed sleeping while he's in the shower and our dog starts going crazy. Next thing I hear is someone try to open our door. I thought maybe my husband forgot something in the car and was coming back but he gets out of the shower confused and then they try to open the door again knowing that we have a dog. After I realized it wasn't my husband I thought maybe it was just a mistake but no one on our floor has a big dog so there should have been no reason for them to try to open our door again. I was so scared I refused to go back to sleep. We went to base housing and they pretty much said there's nothing they could do for us and our apartment management seems to not care. I don't know what to do. I'm so scared someone is going to break in while hubby is at work :(