Update brown blood, cramping, low back pain. I'm miscarrying!!

Yasemin • Married to wonderful hubby! Have two gorgeous girls 16 and 9. Trying for number 3.
So my symptoms, most of them started Tues, I just got back from OB my levels have dropped from 4042 to 3961...?my doc told me I will probably miscarry. I go back Mon for I more level check and if it dropped more she will give me medicine to help the miscarrying process to go faster because leaving it for my body to expell it might take weeks. I can't go through the emotional process of that for weeks. I can't stand the fact that my baby inside me is dead or never completely formed:( I'm so bummed. It took me almost a year to get pregnant, now this? Oh well! Good luck to all of you! Thanks to those that reached out. Means a lot.