Red spotting but positive tests ...

I went to the hospital on Sunday, they confirmed I was 4w2d via urine test.
Wednesday I had brown spotting and I only had one line on a pregnancy test (dollarstore).
The hospital did a urine test and it showed not pregnant, but a blood test revealed I was. The doctor said the spotting was perfectly normal.
Yesterday the spotting continued, and it got to be brown flakes in the toilet. I got a really faint line late in the evening on a dollarstore test.
This morning using FMU and a FRER I got a positive, very solid line. The spotting seemed to have stopped and I felt great. 
At about 3:00 this afternoon I felt something, wiped and it was red blood. 
I put a pad on, and there hasn't been much-  just when I pee or wipe there is a lot. 
My periods are usually really heavy so it's not nearly as much as a period would be for me but red blood is still disconcerting. I took a dollarstore test after the blood and it was also a solid positive line.
I have an ultrasound on Wednesday (the 29th).. So I want to wait it out until then. I know I can't do anything if I'm miscarrying but the weird part is my HpT lines are still getting darker ...
Has anyone had experience like this? 
Below are my tests from today: FMU:
After the bleeding: